Saturday, August 12, 2006

Not Enough Time

Am having my Sat. morn coffee, looking at a map, and figuring distances on my laptop. I've come about 2800 miles, not quite halfway. Next Wed will be two weeks. Now that I'm approaching the Northwest, I want to take more scenic routes (is there any road that isn't scenic?) and get off the interstate. But this will take mucho time. Which means that I will have to cut back on time somewhere else. Where? I haven't done any camping yet because it's been hot and the really pretty country awaits me. But how will I do these four things:
1. See the backcountry areas
2. See Seattle
3. See Logan and Sarah and Jes and Richard,
4. Camp

Of course, one of the factors is that I am working on this trip, with the need to be able to review investments and talk to clients, and I'm not going to slight that work.

And, you can only do so many miles a day on a motorcycle. Plus, if you wait too long to get a room, they're all sold out. I doube that will be a problem in the less-traveled areas, and even if it does I can always pitch a tent somewhere.

Even in these smaller towns, Glendive, Fargo, Great Falls, I can see the Chinese restaurants and dark-skinned smaller motel owners (Pakistanis?). I have to believe that these business owners stay pretty much to themselves because I never see them on the streets, in the restaurants, on in the bars. Of course, it might would require a coincidence to meet up with them because their numbers are so small. Still, you have to imagine that don't easily, or necessarily even want to, mix in with the locals. Which leads me to wonder about their children...what do they do for school and such?

Well, I need to try to get the bike in for an adjustment. Let's see if the shop can make it happen.

Then, have to hit the road...bikers are already heading out.

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Anonymous said...

Land of the Big Sky

Sounds like, looks like from your pics, this is a good place to be - passing through. Thanks for the scenery, personal perspectives on locals and events. I get a grassroots feel for places I'll probably never have the incentive to visit, but they are part of our America.

Keep ridin'& keep postin'.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,
In Fun