Friday, August 04, 2006

Crossing Kansas and Missouri (not Jordan)

Day 2 Aug 3

Left Salina, KS at about 8.

Before I left, all the other cycle riders and I were inside the hotel lobby, having coffee and talking motorcycles and weather. The topic of women just didn’t come up! We were all wondering if we could go either east or west because it looked awfully socked in. Just then, we heard a roar, looked out, and saw a string of Harleys going east and another going west. We all just downed our coffees and went to our rooms to saddle up.

Traveling across Kansas I realized that while people may be different in different parts of the country, the cows are always the same. I mean, they all, everywhere, face the same direction while feeding. What’s with that? I guess they graze from one place to another and, well, they’re cattle after all, right?

North Kansas is much prettier than west Kansas. Around Manhattan the land is green, with rolling hills that have lots of draws and creeks. Then, you move on to Kansas City and then into Missouri and the land pretty much looks like north Alabama, Mississippi, and the flatter parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. Corn everywhere. Unlike out west where there is nothing along the interstate for miles and miles, east of Kansas City there were always some businesses in sight along the road. Heavy truck traffic, causing much buffeting. Wind was still from the 10 and 11 o’clock position. Wore me out.

I knew I was coming into St. Louis when I saw a HUGE building that sold only, you guessed it, HUMMERS. Nothing else.

I got my usual salad and chicken for lunch and couldn’t help but notice that I was back in the land of big people. No wonder they drive Hummers.

In Missouri, I immediately noticed that the restaurants had smoking section. Maybe someday they’ll completely ban it in eating and drinking establishments. Also, I expected the restaurants to have a sign that said, “We recommend that our patrons eat responsibly.”

No pictures...nothing of note.


Mountain Lay said...

Hey Michael! Soooooo, where does one dry ones socks and Father when traveling cross country on a Harley?? .... XOX

Mike Sledge said...

Hang them out in the wind!!!!