Friday, August 11, 2006


August 11 - Friday


Am getting ready to leave Glendive and head to Great Falls via Hwy 200. The locals said, “There’s nothing to see” and “Get plenty of gas.” Hate to go this way, but any other way will add a day or so and plenty of beautiful sights await me.

The waitress was grumpy, just what you’d expect in Glendive. But I left her a big tip anyway; I’m leaving in an hour and she’s staying here.

Had bacon this morning. To some of you, it’s no biggie. For me, since I LOVE bacon and pork chops, it’s a guilt thing because I have found out just how cute and smart pigs are. It’s like eating your dog. But, occasionally, and esp. while on the road, I will have a weak moment. A friend-lady of mine said, “Well, you can give yourself a dispensation.”

I said, “dispensation?” That’s when you do something that, for you at least, you know is wrong?

She said, “Yes. You take a break from your vows.”

I said, “Now, this is a Catholic word, right?”

Anyway, the market is not cooperating this morning and I can’t call clients cause cell coverage is bad here (it’s bad HERE, wait till I get 200 more miles into nowhere!) so I’ll finish my coffee and pack up.


powder day said...

Since you are going to Glacier, you will probably be entering the park at the East entrance (St Mary)and traveling the Going-to-the-Sun highway. Take a few minutes to stop at the St Mary Lodge at the West entrance. The sourdough scones with honey butter at the Snowgoose Grille are to die for.

powder day said...

Correction. The St Mary Lodge is at the East entrance to the park.

Mike Sledge said...

Thanks, knew what you meant!!! Am fixing to go to a biker bar...heard they ride their Harleys inside when things get really rowdy.