Thursday, November 11, 2010

The "SPAM CRUISE"...Please Forgive Me!

Or not!

I'm sorry, but I can't help it. News of the Carnival Splendor becoming disabled have prodded the Imp of the Perverse in me.

If you've been too busy worrying/cheering about the most recent overhaul of Congress (less anyone think that the nation has reverted back to its supposedly conservative roots, keep in mind that Americans tend to move away from extremes and towards the middle time after time), then you may not be up on the news regarding the fire and subsequent disabling of a veritable "floating city" of 4,500.

The Splendor, a California-based cruise ship over three football fields long has floated listlessly, sans power, lights, and, gulp, toilets, off the coast of Mexico for something like three days.

The culprit is a fire in the engine room.

Thank God no one was hurt!

But, let's power means no way to cook food. But, no worry...the U.S. Navy has come to the rescue...with SPAM and POP TARTS. Hmmm...and WHAT are cruises famous for! Yep! Food and people who over indulge, at times grossly so, in food!

Now that we know everyone is safe and sound, I can schadenfreude all I like. Imagine that! Cruise line passengers eating spam and pop tarts.

It's just too fucking funny.

Mike Sledge

Oh, and the passengers say they are bored because ther is nothing to do and they just sit around. Duh! You're on a ship! If they were on a LifeStyle cruise at least they could find another way to occupy their time.

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