Saturday, May 08, 2010

I'm Thinking...WTF?

My woman and I were leaving for a Harley ride south of Dallas (Texas is so big you can circumnavigate the world southward and still never leave the state) and I'm at a stop light and this guy rides by in front of us!

And so I'm thinking he got the mattress for a sunhat? I mean, take a look at the shadow that thing could shelter a wedding party!!!

Then I think...nope...not a hat.

So, then I'm thinking he's moving? Hell, the Clampetts would have nothing on this guy. And, what would he be riding by with next if I waited long enough? A sofa?

Then I think...nope...not moving.

So, then I'm thinking he picked up the mattress from out in front of a house where the occupants had thrown it away? But everybody already has a mattress, right?

Then I think...nope...not scavenging.

So, then I'm thinking maybe he stole the bike? And, to distract attention he picked up the mattress?

But, no, I can't think that because I'll be branded as stereotyping.

Ok, then so, I'm thinking...and thinking...

All the while, I'm puttering along behind him because I love a puzzle to think about, and this guy is moving along...really pedaling quickly.

So, think I'm thinking he had a long way to ride and wanted to use the mattress as a sail. (He really WAS flying along.) And I'm wondering just how hard it was for him to keep his balance. And, I'm wondering how long before he got hit because cars were honking and maneuvering like heck to avoid hitting him. (He really couldn't see well from under that double.)

But, then I think...nope...can't be a sail...too much trouble when he could just let the tailwind push him along just find without the weight of the mattress.

Finally, I think the first thing I thought when I saw him cross in front of me:


No more thinking necessary.

Mike S.

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Michael R Roberts said...

Yeah, this just stops and blocks thinking. But awesome picture, you are right about that.